Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pittsburgh 2010 Summer Office

These brave guys are the managers of a summer sales office for APX Alarm. This year we went to Pittsburgh, PA and killed it! The rest of the pictures are of the whole group (well most of them some had already left because of school). These guys are awesome! They brave the heat, rain, humidity, and all other types of crazy weather. They brave the people who are just outright mean to them and they don't let it phase them as they go tear it up each and every day! Man I have a lot of respect for these guys! Thanks for a great summer! It was so hazy the day of these pictures you could almost see it in the pictures that is how hazy it was. Kind of hard lighting to take pictures in but we managed to get some good ones!


  1. They turned out so good! I still can't believe this is the 5th summer of this crazy team. Good job on the pics!

  2. That is such a cool spot that you found!! You did such a great job, especially with that many people in the picture!